Easter Christmas Religious products

Published: 2005-02-23

From a Company:

Hi there,
Thanks for that.  Could you please tell me what it is in the ***** (easter product) that makes them unsuitable?
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Updated: 2005-02-23
Thank you for your E-mail.  You enquired about the status of "please Avoid" for a product.  The rationale is very simple.  These products appear to be seasonal Christmas/Easter lines.  Muslims are not permitted to make use of such products because they are directly connected to a religious symbol for example: Easter eggs, Christmas etc.  The background to this ruling is simply because it is in total variance with our beliefs. 
Let us take Easter, for example. 
Easter: A Christian feast commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus.
Easter Eggs: A dyed or decorated egg, traditionally associated with Easter.
Muslims believe that Jesus did not die and was raised up to the heavens by God then surely Muslims can not celebrate his resurrection (Easter) when it is at variance with their beliefs?
Please see the following entitled "Buying Hindu Foods"
This of course does not mean that we should hold any person in contempt (for their beliefs or otherwise) for this is forbidden in Islam.  Simply a Muslim is commanded to protect his faith which is the most valuable capital asset for a Muslim.  Further a Muslim is commanded to make
I hope this is sufficient explanation if you have further questions please do relay them.
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