Burton's Foods doesnt respond

Published: 2005-02-26

Some of the Questions we have received:

1. ......Cadbury's Mini Animals made by Burton's Foods Ltd under license from Cadbury Ltd.
We had also queried another of Burton's products earlier...
2.  I'd like to know if "Viscount Biscuits" are halaal? 
They are made by Burton's Food Limited.
3.  Also could you please advise with regards to the following product from the UK:
Burtons Jam Tea Cakes
manufactured by  Burton's Foods,
4.  Pls can you advise if the following products are halaal suitable: Cadbury’s Luxury Cookies, Burton’s Jam Tea Cakes
5.  asalamualaykum i just want to know whether wagonwheels chocolate biscuite burton company are halal jazakallah

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Updated: 2008-02-18
18 February 2008 -  As you can see, 3 years on, they never did bother to reply, and we do not have the resources to play ping pong with companies, so we cannot do any more.
If you would like to give them a cal, to try your luck, here are their details.
Burton's Foods Ltd
Pasture Rd,
Moreton, Wirral,
Merseyside CH46 4TH
Marketing Department: 01727 899700
31 March 2004 - We contacted the Marketing Director and Chief Executive Officer about this issue last night and Alhumdulillah they were very receptive and promised the information we required would be with us with in 14 days.  So Insha_Allah we will have all the details by the 14th April. 

The Chief Executive Office also apologised for the lack of communication:

"I please accept my apologies for any lack of communication that has taken
place over this matter

We are hopeful that we can finally bring this matter to a close Insha-Allah and work together with Burton's to bring a list to the Muslim Consumer.  To all those who telephoned, emailed the company, please accept our thanks for your perseverence.
Burton's Foods Ltd
Pasture Rd,
Moreton, Wirral,
Merseyside CH46 4TH
Marketing Department: 01727 899700
We are having a hard time receiving a satisfactory timely response from Burtons.  It appears that they are not interested in our requirements to aggravate the situation, they do not respond.

Here is the audit of  the contacts we have made:

31 January 2005 -  Telephoned Consumer Services explaining the aims of our
organisation and the positive  take-up from other huge companies.  We advised that we would e-mail the details through.  They sent us the vegetarian list.

1 February 2005 -  Emailed full details of the Foodguide and exactly what information we would require to make a decision.

9 February 2005 -  No acknowledgement received from Burton's or timescales
etc.  Sent another email requesting timescales

20 February 2005 - Not a peep from Burton's.  Sent another email asking for
timescales and whether they were interested in participating adding the
following too:  "We are a Non-profit organisation or volunteers and lack the
time and resources to keep chasing companies."

22 February 2005 - No response received.  Telephone to request for status

23 February:  Received response from Burton's 22 days from initial communication.
With reference to your telephone call of 22 February regarding the information you requested.

The questionnaires you forwarded to us have been sent to the relevant
department and we are awaiting their response,  we shall be in touch with
you as soon as we have a reply from that department.

Yours sincerely

Consumer Services Department

25 February 2005 - sent another email asking for Company contacts and
timescales which still have not been advised.

25 February 2005 - Wrote to Burton's that they should reply to let us know what they want to do. 

No response.

09 March 2005 - Our E-mail:

Good morning,
Can you apprise of the latest status on this query please?
Kind regards,

To date: No response whatsoever except several read receipts.