Objection to Stunning and Freemans

Published: 2005-05-23
Dear Hadhrat Maulana Mufti Abdullah Sahib,

Regarding the ruling on Freeman's Chickens, please consider these points:
* According to Government research one in three chickens dies during
the stunning
* The taser stun gun is a non-lethal immobiliser. It is designed to
immobilise humans; not to kill them or inflict long term harm. The
amount of research which has gone behind this gun and legislative
hurdles will likely pale any similar research on stunning chickens.
The gun has however managed to kill 71 people.
* Inflicting severe harm on an animal by stunning is, as I understand,
makrooh-tahreemi. Does an act which is makrooh-tahreemi performed
continuously (when an alternative is available) render it haram?
* By refusing certification on grounds of non-continuous monitoring
and a large area of doubt, Freemans will inshallah be forced to
changed. While there is no need to say the the chickens slaughted
there are may be haram, is it not dangerous to say that they are 100%

Request for duas,
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Freeman's is certified by the Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence UK. They are satisfied with the level of their standards. They do stun but at a low voltage (which means that the chicken is not killed in the process) hence Halaal. Though of course the non-stunned chicken is certainly preferable. The Scholars have asserted that there is a strict demarcation between the Haraam and Halaal meats in Freeman' so that contamination is not possible. 
NOTE: The Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence UK is an independent organisation, and you should contact them directly in case anything changes or if you desire further clarification.  They are not obliged to inform us of any changes nor are we privy to any operational information.

If you wish to contact Mufti Yusuf Sacha, his contact details as below:

Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence
Mufti Yusuf Sacha
68 Broomsdale Road
Batley, WF176PJ


There are several issues at play here, as you have mentioned in your opening paragraphs stunning is Makrooh-e-Tahrimi (severely detestable).  Without doubt, non-stunned meat is more wholesome than stunned.   Nonetheless, though the act of stunning animals is in itself Makruh-e-Tahrimi (where there is no need) though it does not necessarily render the meat Haraam.  It would of course depend on the animal being killed or not in the stunning process to render it Haraam however if the voltage is low then poultry would not die in the process.  They would simply become groggy enough for the slaughterers to complete the Islamic Dhabah.  The issue with poultry and stunning is prominent as they are small and if the current is high then the chicken may die in the stunning process which would prove problematic.  Notwithstanding, stunning the animals beforehand causing them any undue pain and distress is certainly reprehensible.
The HMC follow a policy to provide certification process to those who abandon stunning altogether.  The reason may be to make the public more determined and resolute consequently forcing Muslim companies to abandon stunning altogether which is a good thing.  It appears as though the Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence UK differ in their approach to this slightly.  They work with the companies to make sure their procedures do not make the meat Haraam though they advise quite firmly against stunning altogether and provide them guidelines to rid themselves of this altogether.  Both approaches have their benefits and disadvantages no doubt.  You may incline towards whichever methodology which agrees with you. 
HMC and Stunning:
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