Jolly Sweets - no longer accredited

Published: 2005-07-20
sallams once again
as per requested i have now got more information that might help you on JOLLY hala sweets
on the back of the pack it has
dekyn park unit 1. dekynavenue
witton,Birmingham b6 7hm
however the website is under construction as i have been on it
i hope this helps you please let me know
sister in islam
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Updated: 2005-07-20
Jolly Sweets no longer accredited by Foodguide
dekyn park unit 1. dekyn avenue
witton,Birmingham b6 7hm
Muhammad Zahid  of Jolly Sweets informed us that they purchased their Halaal gelatine from Pakistan, and ship to Chikko Sweets SA, Spain.  Chikko Sweets assure that they only use this gelatine for Jolly sweets.  Jolly sweets do not have any animal derivatives exceptng the Pakistani Gelatin.
On the basis of this information, we can say that Jolly sweets are Halaal.  Ensure that you check the address on the packet.  Jelly sweets have similar names and hence might be confused with another company.
Please do tell your friends and Ulama about this site.
Allah reward you for using the Foodguide Service.  Allah give us tawfique to eat Halaal all the time. Please tell your friends and please pray for us too.
Jazaakumullah and request for Du'aas
and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best
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