Jolly Sweets - No Longer Accredited

Published: 2005-09-24
Jolly Sweets No Longer Accredited
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Updated: 2008-01-24
24 January 2008 - Mufti Yusuf Sacha has said that Jolly Sweets did not contact him for over a year, nor did they tender any information since saying they wanted to work with the Insitute of Islamic Jurisprudence. 
On that basis, he cannot comment on the status of their status. 
Buyer beware.
22 November 2006 - Mufti Yusuf Sacha has been contacted by jelly sweets.  We will report the decision of Mufti Yusuf Sacha.  Mufti Sacha is in the process of checking their Gelatine supplies and we will inform the public of his findings as soon as they
are available.
On the basis of information supplied to us by Jolly Sweets, we had accredited Jolly Sweets as Halaal.   Jolly Sweets had assured us that:
1.  Their gelatine is sourced from a gelatine supplier in Pakistan and transported to Spain and used for their sweets production.  We were sent copies of the certificates.  
2. No other animal ingredients were present in their products apart from the Halaal Gelatine.  This was confirmed categorically by Jolly Sweets.
We contacted the Pakistani gelatine supplier as a precautionary measure and it transpires that they have only sent their first consignment a few days or weeks ago.  Hence the question is what gelatine are they using and have been using?
Jolly Sweets after being confronted with this question admitted that they bought the gelatine from Denmark.  We were assured that Pakistani Gelatine was used only but not so after all.  In effect, this means that the sweets in circulation are sourced from Denmark.  Even if the Pakistani gelatine were to be used, the shelf life of the old stock must be considered.  In view of the Denmark gelatine not being divulged to us before, we have to seriously consider if suppliers are not changed at the drop of a hat.   
It appears as best that statements were perhaps misleading, in short pertinent and information was not forthcoming. 
On the basis of this new information we no longer see it appropriate to accredit Jolly Sweets.  Muslim Customers are urged to employ caution.
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