Unilever Walls and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream 2018 FULL LIST

Published: 2018-07-04

Unilever Walls and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream 2018 FULL LIST

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Updated: 2018-07-14
Unilever Ice Cream 2018

Unilever Wall's Ice Cream Statement:
This information has been provided to GMWA in good faith using the most up-to-date information available. We reserve the right to amend recipes as required and as such the information contained herein is subject to change.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information contained herein is applicable ONLY to Unilever products on general sale in the United Kingdom. This information may not be applicable or relevant to the same products produced elsewhere in the world.


Calf Rennet Clarification:
Rennet per se, is not impermissible.
It is permissible to eat cheese which has rennet from calf rennet though
praiseworthy to refrain from due to a slight difference of opinion viz:

Is Whey Rennet Haraam? (no!)

Alcoholic Flavourings Clarification:
Alcohols used as a carrier for food colourings and flavourings are permissible as long as they are not sourced from dates or grapes.
Alcohol Flavourings Clarification

contains: pork enzymes used in hydrolysed milk proteins or/and  pork gelatine

Carte D'or Artiscoop Rasberry Sorbet 5.5L
Carte D'or Artiscoop Lemon Sorbet 5.5L
Carte D'Or Artiscoop Kids Marshmallow 5.5L
Haribo Push Up 

Added Alcohol
Carte D'or Artiscoop Rum & Raisin 5.5L
Carte D'or Rum & Raisin 900mlCarte D'or Rum & Raisin
Magnum Mini 6MP - Baileys
Carte D'Or Supreme Tirimisu
Carte D'Or Les Suprêmes Tirimisu 2MP

The following are Halaal

However, the list is unique because unless otherwise stated, they are not free from calf rennet and  alcoholic flavourings. The fatwas links are at the top for clarification. 
Kindly note that non milk products do not include calf rennet e.g. Calippo etc.

Ben and Jerry's (all suitable for vegetarians unless otherwise stated)

B&J Caramel Chew Chew 100ml
B&J Choc Fudge Brownie 100ml

B&J Cookie Dough 100ml
B&J Peanut Butter Cup 100ml
B&J Strawberry Cheesecake 100ml
B&J Vanilla 100ml

B&J Wich Cookie Dough
B&J Wich Chocolate Fudge Brownie
B&J Wich Peanut Butter
B&J 3MP Wich Cookie Dough
B&J 8MP Son of a Wich (Cookie Dough)
B&J 3MP Wich Chocolate Fudge Brownie 
B&J 3MP Wich Peanut Butter
B&J 4MP Classic Mix (CFB/CD/CCC/SC)
B&J 4MP Chunky Mix (CFB/CD/PBC/CM)
B&J Non Dairy Choc Fudge Brownie 
B&J Non Dairy Chunky Monkey
B&J 150ml Caramel  Chew Chew
B&J 150ml Chocolate Fudge Brownie 
No Alcohol Flavorings  

B&J 150ml Cookie Dough
B&J 150ml Strawberry Cheesecake   
No Alcohol Flavorings
B&J 150ml Greek Style Strawberry Shortcake
B&J 150 ml Greek Style Vanilla Honey Caramel
B&J 150 ml Peanut Butter Cup

B&J 4.5L Greek Style Vanilla Honey Caramel
B&J 4.5L Peanut Butter Cup
B&J 4.5L Strawberry Cheesecake
B&J 4.5L Caramel Chew Chew
B&J 4.5L Cherry Garcia
B&J 4.5L Chocolate Fudge Brownie
B&J 4.5L Chunky Monkey
B&J 4.5L Cookie Dough
B&J 4.5L Mint Choc Chunk
B&J 4.5L Phish Food
B&J 4.5L Vanilla Fair Trade
B&J 4.5L S'Wich Up
B&J 4.5L One Sweet World
B&J 4.5L One Love
B&J Vanilla Pecan Blondie
B&J Empowermint 
B&J Sweetest Peace

B&J Home Sweet Honeycomb
B&J Birthday Cake
B&J Cinnamon Buns
B&J Non Dairy Peanut Butter Cookies

B&J 500ml Blondie Brownie Core
B&J 500ml Caramel Chew Chew
B&J 500ml Chocolate Fudge Brownie   
No Alcohol Flavorings  
B&J 500ml Cookie Dough
B&J 500ml Half Baked
B&J 500ml Karamel Sutra Core
"B&J 500ml Peanut Butter Cup
B&J 500ml Phish  Food
B&J 500ml Speculoos? Specu-love Cookie Core
B&J 500ml Utter Peanut Butter Clutter Cookie Core
B&J 500ml What-a-lotta Chocolate Cookie Core
B&J Cookie Dough S'wich Up
B&J Cinnamon Buns
B&J Save Our Swirled
B&J Empowermint 
B&J One Love
B&J One Sweet World
B&J Wholly Couch
B&J Sofa So Good
B&J Berry Neighbourly
B&J Birthday Cake
B&J NonDairy Choc Fudge Brownie
B&J NonDairy Chunky Monkey
B&J NonDairy Peanut Butter Cookies
B&J Moophoria Chocolate Cookie Dough
B&J Moophoria Cookie Caramel Fix

B&J Topped Salted Caramel Brownie
B&J Topped Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough
B&J Topped Pretzel Palooza
B&J Topped Strawberry Paradise
B&J 750ml Chocolate Fudge Brownie
B&J 750ml Cookie Dough

Unilever (Wall's) Ice Cream

Breyers Smooth Vanilla 
Breyers Mint Chip
Breyers Cookies & Cream
Breyers Creamy Choc     No Alcohol Flavorings 
Breyers 4MP Vanilla Caramel High Protein IC Bar
Carte D'Or Gelataria Crema di Mascarpone 900ml
Carte D'Or Gelateria Eton Mess 900ml
Carte D'Or Lemon Meringue Pie
Carte D'Or Apple Tarte
Carte D'Or Gelateria Triple Chocolate Parfait
Carte D'Or Profiterole
Carte D'Or Praline Treats 9MP
Carte D'Or Lemon Sorbet
Carte D'Or Mango Sorbet
Carte D'Or Strawberry Sorbet
Carte D'Or Vanilla Light
Carte D'Or Vanilla
Carte D'Or Strawberry
Carte D'Or Caramel
Carte D'Or Indulgent (Dark) Chocolate 
Carte D'Or Arabica Coffee
Carte D'Or Mint Chocolate
Carte D'Or Salted Caramel
Carte D'Or Vanilla Dairy 
Carte D'Or Romantica Caramel
Carte D'Or Honeycomb

Carte D'Or Milk Chocolate 
   No Alcohol Flavorings  
Carte D'Or Vanilla

CarteD'Or Mandarin Sorbet 5.5L
Carte D'Or Artiscoop Vanilla 5.5L
Carte D'Or Artiscoop Strawberry  5.5L
Carte D'Or Artiscoop Triple Choc 5.5L
Carte D'Or Artiscoop Strawberry Cheesecake 5.5L
Carte D'Or Artiscoop Caramel 5.5L
Carte D'Or Artiscoop Vanilla Choc Cookies 5.5L
Carte D'Or Artiscoop Mint and Chocolate 5.5L
Carte D'Or Artiscoop  Greek Yohurt and Honey 5.5L
Carte D'Or Praline
Carte D'Or White Chocolate
    No Alcohol Flavorings 
Carte D'Or Chocolate Brownie
Carte D'Or Pistachio
Carte D'Or Dulche de Leche (Toffee Fudge)
Carte D'Or Blue Candyfloss
Carte D'Or Café Latte (Coffee) 
    No Alcohol Flavorings 
Carte D'Or Dark Chocolate 
Carte D'Or Spagnola (Cherry)
Carte D'Or Honeycomb
Carte D'Or Banana Chocolate (Banana Split)
Carte D'Or Coconut

Carte D'Or Supreme Lemon
Carte D'Or Supreme Chocolate Parfait
Carte D'Or Supreme Pavlova
      No Alcohol Flavorings 

Carte D'Or Les Suprêmes Lemon Meringue Pie 2MP       No Alcohol Flavorings 
Carte D'Or Les Suprêmes Insp. Parfait au Chocolat 2MP
Carte D'Or Les Suprêmes Insp. Pavlova 2MP 
      No Alcohol Flavorings 

Cornetto 4MP Classico
Cornetto 4MP Cornetto Classico
Cornetto 4MP Strawberry 
Cornetto 4MP Cornetto Strawberry
Cornetto 4MP Mint
Cornetto 4MP Cornetto Mint
Cornetto 4MP Peanut Butter Love
Cornetto 4MP Cookies & Dream
Cornetto 4MP Honeycomb Crunch
Cornetto 4MP Choc 'n' Caramel Crunch
Cornetto 4MP Free (Made with Soy & Gluten Free)  
No Alcohol Flavorings  (no Calf rennet)

Cornetto 5MP Classico
Cornetto 5MP Strawberry
Cornetto 6MP Lemon Buttermilk
Cornetto 6MP Classico
Cornetto 6MP Strawberry
Cornetto 6MP Mint
Cornetto 6MP Chocolate
Cornetto 12MP Classico

Cornetto Classico
Cornetto Mint 
Cornetto Strawberry
Cornetto Peanut Butter Love
Cornetto Cookies & Dream
Cornetto Choc 'n' Caramel Crunch
Cornetto Honeycomb Crunch
Cornetto Classico
Cornetto Mint 
Cornetto Strawberry

Cornetto Choc 'N' Ball
Cornetto Choc 'n' Ball Strawberry 
No Alcohol Flavorings 
Cornetto Choc 'n' Ball Vanilla
Cornetto Soft Choc Chip -18C
Cornetto Soft Strawberry -18C
Cornetto Soft Vanilla -18C
Cornetto Soft Caramel -18C
My Cornetto: Vanilla & Choc Chip
My Cornetto: Chocolate & Choc Chip
My Cornetto: Vanilla
My Cornetto: Vanilla & Strawberry

GROM Crema Di Grom Pint 
No Alcohol Flavorings   (no Calf rennet)
GROM Chocolate Pint No No Alcohol Flavorings   (no Calf rennet)
GROM Pistachio Pint No Alcohol Flavorings   (no Calf rennet)
GROM Café Pint  No Alcohol Flavorings   (no Calf rennet)
GROM Strawberry Sorbet Pint  No Alcohol Flavorings   (no Calf rennet)
GROM Lemon Sorbet Pint  No Alcohol Flavorings   (no Calf rennet)
GROM Raspberry Sorbet Pint  No Alcohol Flavorings   (no Calf rennet)

Magnum 3MP Praline
Magnum Pistachio 3MP 
    No Alcohol Flavorings  
Magnum Strawberry and White 3MP
Magnum Double Peanut Butter 3MP
Magnum Mini Classic 3MP
Magnum Intense Dark 3MP
Magnum Double Coconut 3MP
Magnum Double Raspberry 3MP
Magnum Double Caramel 3MP
Magnum Double Chocolate 3MP

Magnum 4MP Caramel 
Magnum 4MP Cookie Crumble
Magnum 4MP Classic  (4x110ml)
Magnum 4MP White (4x110ml)
Magnum 4MP Almond  (4x100ml)
Magnum 4MP Mint  (4x100ml)
Magnum 4MP Salted Caramel  (4x100ml)
Magnum 4MP Honeycomb, White Choc & Almond  (4x100ml)
Magnum 4MP Honeycomb (4x100ml)

Magnum Mini Mixed 6MP [1] - Almond 55ml
Magnum Mini Mixed 6MP [1] -  Classic 55ml
Magnum Mini Mixed 6 MP [1] - White 55ml
Magnum Mini Mixed 6MP [2] - Classic 
Magnum Mini Mixed 6MP [2] - Dark 
Magnum Mini Mixed 6MP [2] - Mint 
    No Alcohol Flavorings  
Magnum Mini Dbl Choc & Dbl Caramel 6MP [1]: Chocolate
Magnum Mini Dbl Choc & Dbl Caramel 6MP [1]: Caramel

Magnum Mini Intense Dark 6MP
Magnum Caramel Nuts Bar 6MP
Magnum Mini Chocolate & Hazelnut Praline (6x55ml)
Magnum Mini Classic (6x55ml)
Magnum Mini Almond (6x60ml)
Magnum Mini White (6x55ml)
Magnum Mini White Tesco (6x60ml)
Magnum Mini Classic &Mint (6x55ml)
Magnum Mini Double Raspberry 6MP
Magnum Mini Pistachio and Hazelnut 6MP
Magnum Mini Double Peanut Butter 6MP

Magnum Classic 8MP (8x110ml)
Magnum White 8MP (8x110ml)
Magnum Mania 8 MP (RFA  (2 x 110mL classic, almond, white - see individual OOH products for details)
Magnum After Dinner 10MP
Magnum Bomboniera 12MP

Magnum Double Caramel OOH
Magnum Double Coconut OOH
Magnum Double Raspberry OOH
Magnum Double Chocolate OOH
Magnum Double Peanut Butter OOH
Magnum Praline OOH
Magnum Honeycomb OOH
Magnum Mint OOH
Magnum Almond OOH
Magnum Classic OOH
Magnum White OOH

Magnum Classic Pint 
    No Alcohol Flavorings  
Magnum White Pint       No Alcohol Flavorings  
Magnum Almond Pint       No Alcohol Flavorings  
Magnum Praline Pint      No Alcohol Flavorings 
Magnum Dark Raspberry Pint      No Alcohol Flavorings  

Calippo Mini 6MP [1] Orange
    No Alcohol Flavorings  
Calippo Mini 6MP [1] Lemon-Lime     No Alcohol Flavorings  
Calippo Bubblegum 105ml        No Alcohol Flavorings  
Calippo Cola                         No Alcohol Flavorings 
Calippo Cola 5MP                  No Alcohol Flavorings  
Calippo Combo Strawberry & Vanilla
Calippo Combo Strawberry & Vanilla 5MP
Calippo Orange 105ml 
Calippo Shots Straw & Lemon
Calippo Shots Lemon & Cola
Freaky Foot
Gingerbread Sandwich
Iceberger MP & Impluse
Mini Milk Chocolate 35ml (Impulse & MP)
Mini Milk Strawberry 35ml (Impulse & MP)
Mini Milk Vanilla 35ml (Impulse & MP)
Solero Exotic  OOH
Solero Exotic 3MP
Solero Red Berries OOH
Solero Red Berries 3MP
Solero Strawberry Smoothie  
No Alcohol Flavorings  
Twister Pineapple
Twister Blackcurrant
Twister Mini Pineapple 8MP
Twister Mini Blackcurrant 8MP
Adventure Island 10MP
Loop the Loop Impulse & MP
Feast Chocolate
Feast Mint
Feast Bar
Feast Bar 6MP
Feast Chocolate 4MP
Feast Sandwich Impulse & MP
Minions Bello! Push Up OOH
Minions Bello! Push Up 4MP

Viennetta Mint
Viennetta Chocolate
Viennetta Strawberry
Vienetta Vanilla
Vienetta Vanilla
Viennetta Mint 

Walls Cream of Cornish Vanilla 1L
Wall's Vanilla Light 1.8L
Wall's Vanilla Soft Scoop 1.8 L
Wall's Soft Scoop Raspberry Ripple 
Wall's Soft Scoop Neapolitan  
Wall's Soft Scoop Mint Choc Chip  

Swedish Glace Vanilla 750ml  
(no calf rennet)
Swedish Glace Raspberry 750ml  No Alcohol Flavorings       (no calf rennet)
Swedish Glace Chocolate 750ml  No Alcohol Flavorings         (no calf rennet)
Swedish Glace Strawberry Stick 5MP  No Alcohol Flavorings        (no calf rennet)
Swedish Glace Nutty Cocoa Twist        (no calf rennet)
Swedish Glace Vanilla 5MP      (no calf rennet)
Swedish Glace Coconut Passion Fruit Swirl        (no calf rennet)
Swedish Glace Vanilla/Strawberry Cone 4MP  No Alcohol Flavorings         (no calf rennet)
Swedish Glace Caramel/Toffee Cone 4MP        (no calf rennet)
Swedish Glace Caramel/Toffee Cone        (no calf rennet)

Blackcurrant Slush   No Alcohol Flavorings        (no calf rennet)
Lemon Slush  
No Alcohol Flavorings         (no calf rennet)
Magic Purple Slush  No Alcohol Flavorings          (no calf rennet)
Orange Slush  No Alcohol Flavorings        (no calf rennet)
Strawberry Slush No Alcohol Flavorings        (no calf rennet)