Fish Gelatine

Published: 2004-03-09

please can you inform me is fish gelatine halal for muslims,
as lot of products contains fish gelatine.
umme adam
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Updated: 2004-03-09

Checked and authorised as correct by Hadhrat Maulana Mufti Abdullah Sahib on: 9 March 2004

Bismihi Subhanahu Wa-ta'ala
Assalamooalaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
Respected SisterBrother
"Two carions are made Halaal for us; Fish and locust." (Mishkaat vol.2 pg.361).
Fish gelatine is perfectly permissible to consume.  It is an excellent alternative to bovineporcine based gelatine.
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